Who We Are?

Bhagwati industries the group of companies are Manufacturing of chemical and dyes. Has started first business operation in 1991. Bhagwati Group of industries is a very fast growing business set up with immense opportunity and potential with a team of mature and high experience technocrat people.

Mr. B.P. Joshi and Mr. B.V. Patel are the pioneer and founder of the dyes, dyes intermediate.

Bhagwati Group of Industries have Speciality in manufacturing of dyes, dyes intermediate, specialty chemical, trading of chemical, and manufacturing of veterinary medical products and many more diverse business within this group.

We are joining our hand with experience people to accelerate the growth of our Industries.

Milestone of the Group At a Glance

Milestone Year Company name Activity
1991 Bhagwati Intermediate Naroda. Ahmedanbad,Gujarat manufacturing of di-ethyl meta amino phenol (D.E.M.A.P.)
1998 Bhagwati Industries ,Chhatral ,Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat manufacturing of Chloral and Ethyl chloride
2002 Take over Cush-N-Pack Started Bhavani industries. Dyes and Chemicals Trading Business.
2003 Bhoomi enterprise, Naroda, Ahmedabad, Gujarat Chemicals Trading Business.
2015 Bhagwati Industries ,Chhatral, Gandhinagar , Gujarat Planning for PRA/Basic Mejanda. Special chemical and dyes
2015 Bhagwati Industries ,Chhatral, Gandhinagar , Gujarat Planning for pesticide formulation

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